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Mission Statement

Thank you for taking the time to preview our information and allowing us to share what we think is an exciting new business for Cowlitz County. Before you make any decision about storage I would like to invite you to visit our record center for a private tour.

With over 35 years experience in the storage industry we are now offering an environment that specializes in document management and record storage. We now offer a safe, efficient, and money saving way to protect your records.

At a time when the government is demanding more and more that we retain our documents, the cost can sometimes escalate before we realize just how much money we've spent in sending our employees searching for and often not finding a record needed for an audit. After previewing our information I'm sure you will agree that we can help you with your document storage and retrieval needs at a reasonable rate by out-sourcing with Document Management Archives.

Record Management Benefits To You

A modern facility.


Committed in-house retrieval and delivery services.


Security of both location and procedures.


State-of-the-art computerized management and information services.


Climate controlled media storage.


A commitment to true information management at the client departmental level.


Destruction dates coded and customer notified when the time is needed to destroy records.

DMA has experienced and capable staff functioning within a facility designed specifically for record retention and information management. DMA has proven techniques, a state of the art computer software program "The Corporate Keeper" which gives us the major ingredient to our leading edge position in our market.

Document Management Archives is committed to providing a superior level of service at cost effective rates. We are confident that our approach to information management can provide significant financial and organizational benefits to your business. We look forward to having the opportunity to prove it.

Now may be the time to once again look at your records and see if we could be of any assistance to you. If you have any questions please feel free to call 360-501-5047.

Contact us for more information and to see how we can help you.

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